• Procurement of telecoms is complex! Tam Tam helps us to analyse and understand our usage in this fast-moving market. They put the data in an understandable format. On top of that, Tam Tam knows what you can ask and expect from the different operators

    Sr. Category Manager, Indirect Supply Management_EMEA, leading company healthcare sector
  • By collaborating with Tam Tam Consulting, our company has been able to stay focused on our business and the ongoing expansion and support of our various business units. Tam Tam Consulting provides us with the expertise to make the right choices with regards to technology, financial considerations and our future strategy.

    Sophie Van Kerckhove, CEO IT Katoen Natie
  • It was an informed choice to collaborate with Tam Tam Consulting on this SD-WAN project. After all, it’s not easy to negotiate a contract containing the proper financial, technical and contractual provisions when this is not a part of your daily activities. Furthermore, as a cherry on the cake, it has turned out to be more cost-effective compared to managing the network ourselves.

    Kurt Knops, CIO IT Katoen Natie
  • Our old company motto used to state that it was better to do everything ourselves. By now, however, we realize all too well that Katoen Natie is no longer a medium-sized business. Hence our decision to outsource everything that is not a part of our core business. In Tam Tam Consulting we found the perfect partner for our telecom environment. With their no-nonsense approach and extensive knowledge and expertise, they always manage to meet our expectations.

    Kurt Knops, CIO IT Katoen Natie
  • Tam Tam Consulting is independent, so they always give objective feedback and act in the customer’s interests. The dedicated consultants assigned to our company always look for the best solutions to reduce costs and optimise telecom usage.

    Iuliana Manea - IT Vendor Manager - Emerson
  • With the help of Tam Tam, we avoid new time-consuming tender procedures and keep procurement focused on the quality of the service.

    Jean-Paul Dijkstra - Chief Technology Officer - Stork
  • To measure is to know: that’s where Tam Tam came in. They helped us build the UC business case and transform for improved digital collaboration.

    Edwin D’Hondt - Vice President IT Enterprise Architecture and Infrastructure Management - Umicore
  • Thanks to Tam Tam, our managers can direct their colleagues towards more efficient ways to use mobile telephony and mobile data in particular.

    Alex Voermans - Service Level Manager – Stork
  • Analysing telecom bills is very complex and time-consuming, but if you don’t do it your company is losing money. Tam Tam saves you that time and money.

    Alexey Putilin - Supplier Manager ICT - ING
  • Our partnership with Tam Tam gives us real peace of mind; it’s a guarantee that we are not paying too much for our telecoms.

    Benny Somers - ICT Service Manager – ZNA
  • Letting the numbers tell the tale, Tam Tam contributed to the business case for our executive management.

    Edwin D’Hondt - Vice President IT Enterprise Architecture and Infrastructure Management - Umicore
  • By delegating cost control to the specialists at Tam Tam, we ensure our own people can focus on strategic projects for the bank.

    Erik Hemeleers - Head of Service Management - ING
  • Procurement of telecoms is complex: don’t try it on your own! Tam Tam specialists help us to analyse & understand our usage in this fast-moving market. They put the data in an understandable format. Managing this on our own would be impossible.

    Stefan – procurement in an international chemical company
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Katoen Natie: Continued growth stimulates further professionalization in ICT

Katoen Natie has been able to stay focused on their business to support the ongoing expansion of the various business units. Having Tam Tam Consulting as trusted advisor, guiding Katoen Natie through continuous Expense Management, strategy, RFP process for SD-WAN, RFP for global communication platform and so much more, brought a… read more


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