Bjorn Graven – Medtronic

Even if you have in-house mobile telecom knowledge, an independent third-party can confirm what you can ask from your operator.

Bjorn Graven - Category Manager Indirect Sourcing EMEAC - Medtronic

“For years we have been able to rely on the same specialist, which we call upon whenever we are confronted with a telecom question that requires market expertise and knowledge. He deals with us with integrity and honesty, and even supported us as an interim manager and in-house consultant for sourcing.
Tam Tam’s consultants know all the ‘ins & outs’ of tendering and telecom contracts, so we can confidently delegate it to them. This has allowed to improve the quality of the services while cutting costs (even after deducting the costs of Tam Tam’s service).
When you have complaints about mobile telephony, an independent third party can be important and helpful as a sounding board to confirm what you can ask from your operator. The Tam Tam team is always ready to step in and fine-tune the diagnosis and possible contractual actions, on both the national and international levels.”