High Value ICT Consultancy


Since many years, Tam Tam Consulting is building in depth expertise on the full ICT lifecycle, in order to assist companies to make the right choices for the right purpose on technological, operational and commercial level.
All projects are fulfilled by using our specific project methodology, to ensure you as a customer full unburdening and a smooth track towards the desired end state.

The last few years we do so an increase of projects combining several domains in one project as it becomes more difficult to separate one and another. For example, WAN is often combined with UCCSIP and very often LAN. Combining WAN and LAN opens opportunities to cover End to End monitoring and full control of your applications’ availability.

For all domains mentioned in above “wheel” Tam Tam Consulting will offer you a team with best in class consultants with a broad expertise to enable deep technical dive, service focus with stress on End User Experience parameters, market trends, best practices and future proof flexible contracting.

An example of a typical project flow:

  • ICT Strategy Development & Roadmap building
    Inventory AS IS, definition TO BE, map & gap, setup realistic plan, risk assessment, business
    case building, resource planning, …
    Result: full plan for 1 – 5 years
  • Sourcing track: RFI /RFP/Agile contracting
    RFI = beauty contest in order to have a swift process where you meet the different players in
    the market and discover their capabilities.
    RFP = full sourcing process with suppliers you validated in RFI, respecting a methodology that brings all information and cost parameters on the table in a structured way, guaranteeing best choices for the right reasons.
    Agile contracting = assuring a swift track covering all sourcing topics in a good and clear flexible contract reflecting the rules and conditions for the full contract duration.
  • Implementation guidance
    TTC will guide supplier and customer through the implementation track by taking care of the business case, timelines, roles and responsibilities, … in order to have the contract implemented within projected timing and agreed budget.
  • Setup Vendor Management Organisation
    Make the contract governance work by managing the contract in a consequent way, using
    the advantages of contract clauses, innovation, benchmarks, KPI’s, … in a positive way.