We do see a strong evolution in the world of Wide Area Networks (WAN). Software-defined is becoming the new normal as companies are looking for solutions that offer them flexibility, agility and efficiency, combined with cost stabilisation or reduction. The move to cloud and the focus on end user experience (applications always up) are even putting more pressure on ICT environments to implement solutions like SD WAN.

However, it is important to make your companies choice based on your specific needs, starting from (business) strategy to realism of implementing a solution that is not only chosen on technology but how you would like to ensure the best end user experience in the future.

Tam Tam Consulting has many years of experience in the domain of WAN, both on technical as tactical, commercial level. Beside of that, the real practical experience on SD WAN projects will bring you the insurance ending up with a solution that fits your purpose, combined with a decent flexible contract that covers the next coming years of change, flexibility and tasting more from the new exiting evolutions in this market.


When you are interested in exploring if and how SD WAN can bring value to your company, Tam Tam Consulting is your partner to experience a save journey from A to Z.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities, practical approach, references… you can contact us via or +32 14 70 10 70.