Improve the User-Experience with SD-WAN

Migrating from a traditional to a SD-WAN network is not as simple as it might look at first sight. Tam Tam Consulting will be your guide by bringing;
* Real expertise in practice
* An architecture based on your needs and requirements
* Market knowledge guiding you through the wood of marketing and reality
* Agile contracting covering flexibility, end user experience, realistic benchmarking, …



Implementing a SD-WAN network brings a lot of benefits compared to a traditional one:

  • Thanks to SDN (Software Defined Network) and NFV (Network Functions Virtualisation) technologies, network hardware and services are virtualised, resulting in more flexible, scalable and agile.
  • By constantly monitoring and measuring what’s going on in the network, SD-WAN can choose at all times the optimal path for transmission of packets.  This leads to a much better application performance and User Experience.
  • SD-WAN solutions come with enhanced resiliency by detecting outages in real-time and activate fail-over mechanisms within less than a second, fast enough to be not noticed by an end-user.
  • SD-WAN promises embedded security by providing End-to-end encryption and data segmentation (e.g. on application (group) level or organizational level).